The ARC Group Firms are focused on providing solutions that streamline legal processes and make good legal advice accessible and easy to navigate.

An Alternative to Large Firms

The ARC Group provides an alternative to large firm models. Through one phone call you will be connected with outstanding local firms with proven track records, who will build collaborative teams and work together to understand your needs.

Our lawyers handle complex legal issues, and are experienced at developing cost-management procedures and working with Alternative Fee Arrangements. You will have access to the benefits of a national firm model, or a “one stop shop” to assist with all your national and international needs, while you’ll also have access to the knowledge and experience only seasoned local counsel can provide.


Now more than ever, the world is relying on technology.

Wherever your business takes you, we have the technology to meet you where you are. If parties are located remotely we can accommodate virtual meetings, document sharing in real time, or virtual discovery and cross-examinations to keep your case moving forward.

We offer educational offerings such as webinars, seminars and other content to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date and informed.

eDiscovery Services

Our firms have extensive experience in eDiscovery technologies including evidence management, electronic discovery, specialized databases and trial presentations. Some of our member firms use Relativity which is considered one of the best eDiscovery software’s available on the market. Relativity uses artificial intelligence and analytics. It helps our legal teams solve complex data problems during litigation, investigation, and compliance projects and provides flexible and automated workflow capabilities, text analytics and computer‐assisted review, visual data analysis tools, and integrated productions. We continue to invest in ongoing training and development for our eDiscovery teams. Ultimately, the streamlining of these processes enables us to achieve cost efficiencies that are passed on as savings for our clients.



All our member firms produce relevant and timely educational content clients can use to better understand what’s happening in the law and more importantly, how it affects their business. From regular blog posts and newsletters to webinars and other in-person or virtual events, we endeavour to create content that will be useful to our clients.

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