The ARC Group was created with the idea that bringing together leading local firms to support clients on larger, more complex matters would create a more cost-effective and valuable client experience.

Our member firms have strong local ties and a broad base of experience in their respective jurisdictions. Combined, we are able to offer our services to clients whose needs vary widely. Sometimes those needs are local; sometimes national. Today, we are increasingly supporting clients whose needs are global.

Our firms specialize in insurance and risk management. We also offer complimentary practices to support you in all your legal needs. The ARC Group is committed to:

Demonstrating an outstanding ability to listen to and respond to the particular needs of each client.

Managing all files with agility, attention to detail and exceptional timelines.

Communicating openly and honestly.

Providing broader perspective, and a pro-active approach to future strategies.

Fostering mutual respect and trust.

Enabling quick access to lawyers in any jurisdiction.

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