Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

We believe clients seek practical, actionable legal advice. We are a Vancouver, British Columbia law firm with 75+ lawyers who provide precisely that.

Based in the heart of downtown Vancouver, we provide a wide range of litigation, dispute resolution and business law services to clients throughout Canada and beyond.

We have grown from a strong historic base in insurance law to become a multi-practice firm with lawyers who practise in over 20 discrete legal subject areas.

We Are Focused On Our Clients

We are dedicated to forming long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients. We do this by placing a strong emphasis on understanding the environments and contexts in which our clients conduct their business, so that we may serve them better. Our clients’ business is our business.

We Believe In Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity is an important value for us. We are committed to providing legal services within a positive work environment that supports and welcomes diversity in our staff, lawyers and clients and to the creation of a workforce free from harassment and discrimination.

We Are Proud Of Our History

Our firm is built upon a tradition of service in British Columbia dating back more than half a century. You can find out more in our firm history.



Name / Email
Mathew Crowe
Hollis Bromley
Patrick W. Bruce
Joseph P. Cahan
Jo Ann Carmichael, Q.C
Rebecca Cleary
Todd R. Davies
Bruno De Vita
Sunjeet S. Deol
Barbara L. Devlin
James A. Dowler, Q.C
John W. Elwick
D. Christopher Fong
David A. Garner
Manjit K. Grewal ,
Laura M. Hanson
Scott R. Harcus
Christopher E. Hirst
Michael Dery
Thea Hoogstraten
Dianna S. Hwang
Judi P. Kennedy
Diana Klassen
Jason D. Lattanzio
Jason Kostyniuk
Lisa N. Mackie
David T. McKnight
Robert M. McLennan
Michael J. Nadeau
Liam Corcoran
Jennifer O’Leary
Darryl G. Pankratz
Jeremy M. Poole
Alan M. Ross
Susan Sangha
Eileen Vanderburgh
Catherine L. Woods, Q.C
Derek Frenette
Mallory K. Hogan
Kathryn McGoldrick
Justin McGregor
Nicholas Pimentel
Zachary Rogers
Jeremy Rusinek
Andrea E. Stone
Menka Sull
Karen Zimmer
Melissa Ku

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